Broadthink's Interview with Cara Natterson, MD - Business Consultant

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Broadthink was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with pediatrician, bestselling New York Times author, speaker, and mom Cara Natterson, about her consulting business, Worry Proof M.D., and the consulting services she provides to companies who market to tweens and teens. Dr. Natterson’s unique perspective helps her clients achieve their business goals for their content, brand, and/or products.

BT?   What are some of the top things companies who are marketing to teens and tweens need to know about their customers?

Cara:      Kids are smart. And when they are approached in this way, they appreciate it. Sure, they can be manipulated and sold-to, but the brands and products that make the biggest impact on tweens and teens – and certainly the ones that stick around the longest (in the right ways) – are the ones that meet kids where they are, not beneath them.

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