Getting to know Cara Natterson, MD

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Broadthink was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with pediatrician, bestselling New York Times author, speaker and mom, Cara Natterson, about her consulting business, Worry Proof M.D., and the consulting services she provides to parents and their tweens and teens. Dr. Natterson’s unique perspective helps take at least some of the worry out of parenting.  

BT: Why did you decide to become a consultant after having established yourself as a successful pediatrician for so many years?

Cara: I absolutely loved seeing patients in the office – it was a privilege and an amazing way to spend each day. But as my own children got older, the irony of being a pediatrician who never saw her own kids began to weigh on me. There are many ways to be a pediatrician and have a family – I just couldn’t find a balance that worked for me. I had also written a couple of books, and I thought: hey, I could write for a living. The decision to pivot entirely from a clinical practice to a writing career worked out remarkably well. But while I was at home writing, former patients who had my cell phone number would call for advice because they didn’t want to bother their new pediatrician who was busy in the office. I took the calls because I had the time and the knowledge, and these conversations kept me connected to clinical and parenting issues. My patients told friends and they told friends… that was the beginning of Worry Proof!

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